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Mobile “Ghost Hunting” Apps

This is Marcus of Paranormal EXP and I would like to preface this article by saying that this is my personal opinion regarding “mobile ghost hunting apps” that can be bought on your mobile device; such as a cell phone, tablet or eReader.  This post may not reflect those ideas of the team.

Many feel that ghost hunting is an oxymoron.  We search (or “hunt”) for those who have passed and attempt to communicate with them by using experimental equipment.  Relying only on theories and ideas, we try to record videos, record audio and take photographs of those who have passed.

All paranormal investigators, for the most part, use or have used a variation of the basics; EMF detectors, audio recorders, thermometers, video cameras, and still cameras. In recent years, paranormal investigating has become more main stream. Investigations of the paranormal are viewed on TV almost every night and watched by millions of people worldwide. Social media has also added a new growth of viewership that facilitates live interaction with “paranormal personalities”.

New tools for investigating the paranormal pop up on a steady basis.  Some are simply modified cameras, others detect vibrations, and there’s modified radios that scan radio waves hoping to communicate within the frequency of the white noise.  Recent experimental equipment that generates random words based on the environmental influences are becoming more and more popular.  There are stand-alone devices that also do more than generate words. The popularity of these random word generators have also found its way onto our mobile devices.

Paranromal EXP - Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar

I have started to see a trend in mobile device apps that “scan” a room and detect that a “ghost” is in the area displayed by a radar blip.  Perhaps you may also see random words when these blips appear or at other random times.  These apps are slowly being used for investigations more than EMF detectors, audio recorders and video cameras. They come with the disclaimer: “for entertainment purposes only”, which is stated by the programmers before you download.  For some reason, a lot of people put a lot of credibility into these types of apps and don’t question the validity of what is being shown on the screen. To be clear, this article is not about the stand-alone equipment (EMF detectors, Spirits Boxes, REM-Pods, Ovilus, digital audio recorders, etc.). This is about applications that you download onto your mobile device.

How can an application that’s downloaded onto a eReader or cell phone detect spiritual energy and visually show its location?  The only thing an eReader can do is connect to a WiFi connection and download eBooks, games, and other apps.  In fact, there are no other sensors in an eReader that do anything else.  Cell phones include technology such as proximity sensors, motion sensors, accelerometer and some may have a gyroscope or may be NFC-enabled.  Accessories can be bought and plugged into a cell phone to read environmental changes such as EMF and temperature changes.  But, an application alone does not have the ability to determine these changes.

Mr. Ghost - Paranromal EXP

Mr. Ghost – Turns your phone into an EMF Detector

When you download “ghost hunting” applications onto your mobile device, a prompt will appear asking for permission to access your GPS or location services. Why would this application need to have access to this information? Is it possible that the app is programmed to automatically assign words based on your current location from a master database?  Perhaps.  There is also an idea that certain applications may use your microphone to record words, store them, and use them at a later time.  My personal opinion is that these random word generators do not actually detect paranormal activity at all.  A word generated by the app may be relevant to the location that you’re in, but I feel this is a symptomatic effect and causes the user or group of people to try and associate what is being said to match a certain story or idea that may be present with that location. I do not believe that an app can detect a ghost, however, other stand-alone devices that have electronic sensors can detect unknown fields of energy, temperature change, light and audio anomalies, etc.

It is very simple to download an app on your cell phone, tablet or eReader.  This is why I feel most people use this method of “investigating” instead of basic equipment because of its convenience and possible direct communication.  Some people want to believe and communicate with people or loved ones that have passed.  I feel these apps give false hope while also making your wallet a little bit lighter. If you do use these apps, I would suggest to use two mobile devices running the same app to see if you capture the same word(s).  I have tried this many times and have been unsuccessful.  These apps are just a novelty item to entertain, scare or amuse your friends. Contact the creators of these apps and ask how and why these apps work. The majority of these “ghost hunting” apps are developed by an development team that have no ties to the the paranormal community and is intended solely for profit. If you receive an answer by the developer, please pass it along.  We would love to hear their response.

Our team tests and uses all types of experimental equipment, new and old.  The truth is, while investigating the paranormal, there is no exact science or proven tools. Be smart, use your best judgement, and if something seems too good to be true….it usually is. Good luck on your search for the paranormal.

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8 Responses to “Mobile “Ghost Hunting” Apps”

  1. Hello Marcus!
    I could not agree more with what you have written here. A software developer recently came to Vparanormal to help work on a paranormal software application for Android devices. When I explained all the requirements, (even additional sensor’s required ), the developer stopped communicating with us. Hymn, I wonder why?

    Robert Veach

    January 22, 2014 at 12:29 am Reply
  2. Raudive #

    I’m working mostly with EVP (Electronic Voice phenomenon) and played around with several Android apps for “Ghost hunting” and “spirit voices” and came
    across an app on Android. It offers english and german language. Pushing your left finger on the fingerprint, the app starts answering to your questions
    you asked the entities. The results are often exciting, sometimes scary … Based on my short experience with it, I can recommend this app to ghost
    hunters and regular users, who want to get in contact with the other side. The design is simple, they left away the freaky radars and EMF meters, which
    are running in background tasks (based on developers informations). I gave it a try and can recommend it. (Edited – Please do not advertise products on our website)

    October 20, 2014 at 11:54 pm Reply
    • ParanormalEXP #

      Thank you for your comment, we will look into this product. Keep us updated on future findings.

      October 22, 2014 at 6:17 pm Reply
  3. lynn #

    Actually the app that ive been using actually work without me having to utter a word I use my thoughts and it answer as a direct response without a word said out loud. Now can you answer how that is possible?

    July 20, 2015 at 10:44 pm Reply
    • ParanormalEXP #

      Hi Lynn. Thanks for the comment! We need more information about the app. What app are you using?

      July 21, 2015 at 12:09 pm Reply
  4. OneManParanormal #

    Hi all

    Well I have to agree with Lynn on the ability to use an app solely on thoughts. The app I use is called “Ghost Hunting Tools” The apps logo is a fingerprint smug hand on teal background. I’ve had amazing results with this app in connection with a spirit box and nighvision camcorder. Orbs shooting out of my head and you can feel and see this on footage. Also when I feel spirit they know to cause static in my hair on my head. This app works and I believe that others may to but research needs to be done and hands on trials especially.

    Thank you and be safe

    December 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm Reply
  5. Michelle #

    I have two apps on my IPad, the 1st is called Ghost Radio. It has an emf gage and you can switch between “brown” noise, “pink” noise & white noise, and it will “alert” you when an “entity” is present. I have gotten some some voices come through without even asking anything or even thinking about anything. The second is the IOvilus which again have gotten several words without asking anything. A lot of the words are repeated (not in a row or anything like that) but some have been said only once. It said Thomas and then right after that it said Daddy. The weird thing is my brother’s name is Thomas but he’s not a daddy. So I don’t know if they really work or not. Just what I’ve experienced with the two apps.

    May 1, 2017 at 12:00 am Reply

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