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King Camp Gillette Ranch – Calabasas, CA

On 12/15/12, Clare investigated King Camp Gillette Ranch in Casabas, CA with Rob Wlodarski of IPRO and other local paranormal investigators.


The original owner of the property, King Camp Gillette (January 5, 1855 – July 9, 1932), bought the property in 1926. Gillette was a businessman who is now popularly associated with the shaving razor and The Gillette Company.  Gillette’s innovation was the inexpensive, disposable blade of stamped steel. He died in Los Angeles, California, he was almost bankrupt at the time of his death, due both to his having spent large amounts of money on property, and to his having lost much of the value of his corporate shares as a result of the Great Depression.

King Camp Gillette is located at 26800 West Mulholland Highway in Calabasas, CA.  The master plan of the ranch was designed and built for Gillette in the late 1920s by renowned architect, Wallace Neff. The architectural style of the property is Spanish Colonial Revival.  After Gillette’s death, his wife sold the home to the movie director, Clarence Brown.  In 1952, Bob Hope bought the property, immediately giving it to the Claretian Order of the Catholic Church, which operated a seminary on the grounds for 25 years.

April 2005, Gillette Ranch was purchased for $35 million by the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority as a haven for all living things in perpetuity, by a partnership consisting of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Currently, the property is used for filming the TV Show, The Biggest Loser that airs on NBC.

There have been many accounts of unexplained paranormal activity associated with the grounds; from shadow figures, apparitions, and unexplained disembodied voices and noises.  Many feel these unexplained occurrences are attributed to those who once inhabited the grounds. The Frisk and Brandt houses on the far western portion of the property are said the be the most active, also the basement area has been reported to harbor unexplained activity.

King Camp Gillette Map


Due to overwhelming audio contamination during EVP sessions conducted by Clare, no EVP was logged.  A few odd sounds were captured, but it cannot be determined whether it was ambient noise or that of another investigator at the site.  Multiple EVP sessions were being conducted in various rooms in the house. Further attempts will be made in the future to minimize audio contamination.

While at the “White House” towards the end of the investigation, the team conducted an approximately 45 minute interactive REM-POD session. The response type was red for “no” and green for “yes”.  The REM-POD seemed to heavily interact with all questions presented.  The video below is edited for length.


Was the above interaction with the REM-POD that of paranormal activity or a stray frequency  that coincided with the questions?  For now, we claim it as unexplained.

Click here for photos of King Camp Gillette Ranch.

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  1. Gonzalo Martinez #

    I lived on the grounds for five years and never experienced any unusual noices or visions. I will admit thay going into the basement did give me a little bit of a creepy feeling.

    April 21, 2013 at 4:49 pm Reply

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