EVP Classifications

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) – An unexplained disembodied voice or sound that is not heard, but imprinted on audio recording devices.  These “voices” or sounds respond directly to questions or comments made by paranormal investigators. Paranormal investigators  often use a classification system to rate the quality of an EVP recording.

The follow is the classifications of EVPs

Class A – Loud, audible, clear and of very high quality. Words are easily understandable and does not need audio enhancement or amplification. Class A EVPs are also often in direct response to a question being asked.

Class B – The most common type of EVP. Lower quality and clarity than a Class A EVP but still  audible. These EVP’s often do need  amplification to be heard. The voice(s) may not be clear enough to be totally understood or there may be disagreement as to what it is saying. Class B EVPs are usually not in direct response to a question.

Class C – Lowest quality EVP.  Even the best enhancement and amplification may not be sufficient to make the voice(s) audible or clear.  There may even be debate whether or not an EVP is actually present.

Below are other class types not frequently used.

Class D – Also referred to as “Class R”.  They are very poor quality EVPs.  Highly questionable if it even is an EVP.  (Chatter, whispers, breathing noises and airy sounds)  Class D EVPs are not used presentable as evidence.

Class G – Known as  “garbage noise”  EVPs of have such low quality that they are probably not real EVPs.

NOTE: Paranormal EXP does not use Class D and G classifications.