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102.7 KIIS FM Logo

LIVE 102.7 KIIS-FM Investigation

We are investigating LIVE with DJ JoJo Wright on 102.7 KIIS-FM on Friday 10/24/2014. (more…)

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Paranormal EXP Investigates Mentryville CA

Mentryville Investigation – Coming Soon!

Paranormal EXP recently investigated the old town of Mentyville, situated in Pico Canyon in Santa Clarita CA. We’ll be analyzing our photographic, video and audio findings and we’ll be posting them up soon. Stay tuned! (more…)

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Marcus Interview at Phoenix Comic Con

Sneak Peek Look – Phoenix Comicon 2014

Check out this sneak peek look at Marcus conducting some interviews during Phoenix Comicon 2014. Stay tuned for more! (more…)

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Paranormal EXP at Phoenix ComiCon

Phoenix Comicon 2014 – Phoenix, AZ

Paranormal EXP is excited to be a part of this year’s Phoenix Comicon being held at the Phoenix Convention Center. We will be speaking on “The State of Paranormal” panel hosted by SAGAPS (also featuring The Dead Explorer and Alameda Paranormal) at 12pm on June 6th, 2014. (more…)

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Lincoln Heights Jail, Los Angele's, CA

Lincoln Heights Jail – Los Angeles, CA

May 3rd 2014, Paranormal EXP along with Rob Wlodarski, G. Reynolds, W. Booner, OC Soul Searchers, PCH Paranormal and friends investigated the Lincoln Heights Jail, Los Angele’s CA. We had special access to all floors thanks to our friends PCH Paranormal. (more…)

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Paranormal EXP Investigates the Blandings/Hunt House, Malibu, CA

Blandings and Hunt House – Calabasas, CA

On March 1st 2014, Paranormal EXP along with investigators; Rob, Jerry, Joe, Vicki, and Mike & Eric of OC Soul Searchers, investigated the Blandings and Hunt houses located in Malibu Creek State Park. (more…)

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Ghost-Radar App

Mobile “Ghost Hunting” Apps

This is Marcus of Paranormal EXP and I would like to preface this article by saying that this is my personal opinion regarding “mobile ghost hunting apps” that can be bought on your mobile device; such as a cell phone, tablet or eReader.  This post may not reflect those ideas of the team. (more…)

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Paranormal EXP Xmas Logo

Happy Holidays from Paranormal EXP

Happy Holidays from the members of Paranormal EXP! (more…)

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Rancho Los Encinos – Encino, CA

On August 10th 2013, Paranormal EXP conducted an investigation at Rancho Los Encinos Historic State Park in Southern California. (more…)

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Like us on Facebook

You can now check out our latest adventures by  following us on Facebook at ParanormalEXPTeam

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